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Welcome to the Synergistic Healing Center (SHC) of Atlanta. The SHC is a spirit-based business that provides empowerment and transformation services for women and men. Our services include LifeWorks Coaching, Inner Child Work, Past Life Regression, and Workshops. Destination Life Coaching and Healing Intensives for individuals and small groups also are available.  The Synergistic Healing Center also conducts Energy Medicine healing and certification training in Reiki, Synergistic Energy Activation Techniques©, Pranic Healing, and Crystal Healing.


Synergistic Energy Activation Technique ©


Pranic Healing

Individual and Group Healing

Reiki I, II & III

Advanced Reiki

Synergistic Energy Activation Technique ©

Crystal Healing


Channeled & Intuitive Readings

Akashic Records Readings

Women Circles

Spiritual Retreats

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Synergistic Thoughts

Blog Posts
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Latest blog posts focused on spiritual and emotional growth.


  • I developed strength, confidence and clarity to attempt things I had been afraid to attempt.  I looked into feelings that had been blocked for many years.  For the first time in my life I felt I was free.  Free to really be me.  She taught me the feeling of standing in my power, using my voice, and stepping outside of my box.  Dr. Sue has insight that many coaches do not have.  She has a knowing that just comes from within. She uses that knowing to help one see things clearly.  I know the coaching time I spent with Dr. Sue was one of the greatest investments I have made in my life.  I truly know who I AM.
    Kelly Jenkins
  • Dr. Sue has helped me recognize negative patterns and stories that I have told myself and that have held me back. She also helped me to clear them enabling me to heal.
    Ada Adams
  • She has helped me identify and work through core wounds that have affected both personal and professional parts of my life. Through Spiritual Coaching and Synergistic Healing, Peace has facilitated my growth mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She is a true gift and I am grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to work with her. My life is forever changed.
    Dr. Carolyne Hipolito Nadel
Dr. Sue Carter Collins

is an Empowerment and Transformation LifeWorks Certified Coach, a Master Synergistic Energy Healer, and a certified Reiki Master Teacher. She also is an advanced Pranic Healing Practitioner, Channel, and Intuitive Reader. Dr. Sue specializes in working with women and men to overcome low self-esteem and related issues such as lack of self-confidence, feelings of insecurity, and poor self-worth.


Love. Happiness. Contentment. Joy. Sadness. Grief. Mourning. Sorrow. God stuff! These are the things that life is made of.

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Return to Self: 5 Steps to Emotional & Spiritual Freedom

In Return to Self Dr. Sue Carter Collins describes a 5-Step transformation process that gives you all the knowledge and tools you need to recreate yourself and live the life of your dreams.

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