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Are you suffering from a lack of self-confidence and poor self-esteem? Have you done all of the things you were told to do but life just isn’t working out the way you thought it would or the way you planned? If your life is spiraling out of control and you’re not sure which way to go, partnering with a highly skilled and experienced Empowerment and Transformation LifeWorks Coach who “gets you” may be the answer.
If this rings true for you, I can help you. I am the Coach that gets you because I was you. I had a wall full of credentials, low self-esteem, and no self-confidence. For many years, I lived with the anxiety that comes from thinking that I was the “Ultimate Impostor.” I was scared to death that I would be found out. While to the outside world it looked as if my life was unfolding nicely, inside of me I was suffering from the all too common disease of “Not Enoughism.” When I looked at myself in the mirror I saw a woman who – although academically credentialed and successful professionally – was not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not thin enough, not black enough, not white enough, not feminine enough, not masculine enough, not rich enough, not lovable enough, and not enough of anything to be valued enough by anyone including herself! During this time I made a lot of wrong choices that reflected my lack of self-worth and lack of self-respect including looking for love in all of the wrong places. ​ My view of myself is vastly different today. From a place of love I have recreated myself and reinvented my life. But getting here was not easy! I had to hit the delete button on a lot of old beliefs, things, and people. 

In fact, I had to release everything and everyone that was not supportive of my highest good. I had to do the inner work – to experience the “Ugly Crying” – before I could get to the fun part of reimagining my future and recreating my life. If you’re experiencing low self-esteem, if you’re confused about your divine purpose, or if you’ve lost your passion and zest for living you may be an ideal candidate for LifeWorks Coaching. Likewise, if you’re feeling overwhelmed in your personal and professional life, LifeWorks Coaching may help you achieve the clarity and peace of mind you need to pursue the life of your dreams. A LifeWorks Certified Coach assumes multiple roles during the course of the professional relationship. First, and foremost, she supports you and believes in your ability to create your desired life. Secondly, she is a friend, mentor, and guide. She will encourage you when you’re down and help you get back up. She will nudge you to into action when it’s appropriate. 

As your Empowerment and Transformation LifeWorks Coach I pledge to support you and to be right by your side as you navigate this process. I will walk with you (literally), talk with you, laugh with you, cry with you, jump up and down with you to move and clear negative energy, and even shout with you as you walk through the spiritual fire of transformation enroute to becoming a new you. All I require is that you commit fully to the coaching process and to doing your own inner work. 

One-on-One LifeWorks Coaching can be conducted in person or distantly using various modern technologies (telephone, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Tango, etc.). Clients are encouraged to record any or all sessions if they desire. The standard coaching relationship may last from a few weeks to several months. The Synergistic Healing Center also provides customized Destination Coaching Intensives that are specifically designed to address a myriad of client issues in a short period of time. Intensives are conducted in person and may take place at your place or mine, or a destination of your choice. The typical Intensive will last between 1 and 3 days depending upon the complexity of issues being addressed. Follow-up sessions may take place over a period of several months as needed. The protocol for conducting the Intensive involves taking an initial client assessment followed by multiple coaching sessions, channeled and intuitive readings, and Reiki, Pranic, and Synergistic Energy clearings and healing. In some cases, depending upon the client, messages are received from the other side through the process of mediumship. Clients are encouraged to record any or all sessions if they desire. 

In general, the coaching day begins at breakfast (not later than 9am) and continues all day until 8 or 9pm in the evening. The process is very organic and conversation-based. As an Intuitive LifeWorks Coach I am not wedded to a script; rather, I follow the conversation threads wherever they might lead. At appropriate points I will assign activities that may require you to read, journal, or complete written or physical exercises. Weather permitting, we will spend time outside walking or otherwise moving our body in order to release negative vibrations and enhance the flow of positive energy. Subject to process modifications, Destination Coaching Intensives are also available for small groups of two (2) to three (3) individuals over a 3 to 4 day period. The total number of Intensive days required is usually equal to the total number of persons in the group plus one additional day to wrap up the process with group and individual sessions. Although the overall Intensive Coaching process will be substantially as described, some private time is set aside each day to work one-on-one with each client in the Small Group. If you think that a Coaching Intensive is right for you or your Small Group I would love to hear from you. 

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