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This is an experiential empowerment workshop 
for individuals seeking to transform themselves 
and create a new life that is spiritually aligned with their divine purpose.
Through the use of meditation, mini-lectures, and practical exercises participants engage in an organic introspective process to identify and release old beliefs and behaviors that are holding them back, visualize themselves and their lives as they want them to be, acquire and integrate new beliefs, and take inspired actions to create and live their best lives. 
Using a 5–Step Process, participants are guided to:

on their current personas and life situations (In this stage the participant does inner child and life exploration work to determine: Who am I being? How do I feel about me? How did I get here? );

themselves (Very often we allow our dreams to die on the vine without ever being realized. In this session participants dare to “Dream Big!” and ask themselves: Who do I really want to be? What is my spiritual purpose? What would be my perfect spiritual life?); 

irrational fears, negative beliefs, and old coding (This session encourages participants to look at the totality of their lives and ask who or what is holding me back from living my best life? Why am I holding on to irrational fears? Why am I denying myself permission to really live? After a brief discussion of how the subconscious mind works to reinforce negative beliefs, participants engage in several exercises designed to facilitate the release of unhealthy thoughts, behaviors, and people that do not support their highest good.); 

their subconscious mind (At the heart of most lack of empowerment issues is the failure to love oneself. Through the use of personally crafted affirmations and supporting exercises participants begin to love and value themselves resulting in an “I AM therefore I CAN” attitude.); and,

themselves and their lives (1-2-3! Action! In this session participants get inspired and develop strategic plans for their lives. Having done their inner work they begin to enjoy the spiritual and emotional freedom that comes with being their True Self and living their best life.) 
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Fancy Diamond Women’s Empowerment Circles

Fancy Diamond Women’s Empowerment Circles are so named because they acknowledge and celebrate the spiritual journey and transformation of women from the proverbial “lump of coal” they often are seen as being to the phenomenal women they really are. These Circles provide a safe and supportive space for women to be vulnerable and share their personal and professional growth challenges, as well as their successes and insights, along their spiritual journey to wholeness and well-being. The Fancy Diamond Empowerment Circles are facilitated by Dr. Sue or a member of her team and meet once a week for 60 minutes. Each week the Circle focuses on a new topic related to women’s spirituality, empowerment, transformation, and wholeness. All Circles are conducted online so that women may participate from the privacy of their own homes.

Motivational Speaking Engagements

Dr. Sue Carter Collins is a professional motivational empowerment and transformation speaker. She is available for hire to facilitate workshops and to speak on a variety of women’s issues including: – Be Woman Strong: You’ve Gotta Get Up to Stand Up! – Love Yourself First. Stop Giving Away What’s In Your Cup! – I’m Not Your Mamma and I’m Loving It! – Now Is All The Time You Have. Stop Falling In Love With Potential! – Live Free. Dream Big. Enjoy Life’s Abundant Resources. Her signature workshops are “Speak Truth To EmPower: Release Your Fears & Live Your Best Life” and “Return to Self: 5 Steps to Emotional and Spiritual Freedom”.